How I Self-Taught Myself Coding and Design


I went back and forth about actually going to college for web design/graphic design, but I eventually decided that self-teaching myself was the best option. I used some awesome programs to teach myself how to code websites and graphic design, so here's how you can teach yourself coding or web design.

Team Treehouse

Treehouse was one of the first websites I discovered on my learning to code/design journey, and it's one I still use today. Treehouse has various tracks, like build a website and Beginner Javascript. They also have individual classes on a variety of topics like design, business, CSS, HTML etc. It costs $25 a month for a basic membership, and you can sign up here.


I used the free version of codecademy for a while, before upgrading to codeacademy pro. I wanted to get most of the basics of CSS and HTML down with a simple format and easy-to-learn classes. Codeacademy definitely provided those things for me.


Head on down to your local library and check out some books on coding and design. Now, you really have to be careful with this one and  make sure the publication date was in the last couple years. The internet moves so quickly and things change every day, so you want to make sure you're getting the most updated information.


CreativeLive has some awesome classes, albeit slightly more expensive than most of the websites mentioned in this post. But, it's definitely a one-stop-shop where you can find really anything you want to learn. They have classes on things from business to typography to wordpress.


Udemy is a platform where people can upload their own courses. There are tons of free and paid courses on here, and Udemy often has $10 or $15 sales on many of their courses, allowing you to pick up some of your favorites at a discount. I learned a ton of different things on Udemy, but keep in mind these are not professional courses most of the time.

Random Websites

There are tons of different websites that give little bits of advice on coding and web design. Although these won't be comprehensive classes, they can still be helpful. Browse websites like Pinterest or Stumbleupon to find posts of interest. When you begin your journey, you may want to learn how someone created a welcome screen, or a popup. You can look up how to create these things using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Just google how to's and you'll find a plethora of information.