My New Favorite Tampon Brand


Hello everyone! Today I'm sharing some TMI stuff you guys always love from me. Today I'm talking about a an amazing organic tampon brand that was recently shared with me. I'm IN LOVE. First of all, they sent me some seriously awesome stuff and I instantly fell in love. I don't share things that were sent to me that I haven't already fallen in love with organic tampon

Cora. Organic tampons that actually work. Pads given to girls in need.

First of all, let me start by saying that these tampons are organic. They're 100% organic, 100% BPA-free and 100% biodegradable. I'm really getting into owning organic things, especially things that I'm physically inserting into my body and letting it hang out there for 6-8 hours. Second of all, have you ever tried organic tampons? Wander into whole foods and grab a box of organic tampons. The applicators are cardboard. That does not feel good being shoved into your hoo-ha. That's the best part about these. They come with a plastic applicator that's biodegradable, so there's no discomfort.

organic tampon

The next best thing about this company is that every time you order from Cora, you're sending pads to girls in need in India. Have you ever looked into what it's like having a period in a third world country? It's awful. First of all, it's extremely shameful in most countries other than the US. Girls are looked down upon for this absolutely natural thing that happens every. single. month. Second of all, they don't have good access to feminine hygiene products, so they just bleed without anything to catch it, or they're shoving things down there that maybe aren't so good for them. This is a cause I can 100% fully support.

organic tampon

When you order your first month's supply, you'll receive a little black box, a little black clutch and some stowaways. These are awesome products. Many people haven't heard of Cora, so carrying around a cora stowaway just kind of looks like a really small neat pencil holder. It's so easy to grab it and head to the restroom, rather than stuffing a tampon up your sleeve. The little black clutch is perfect to stick in your purse, and the little black box can be displayed anywhere in your bedroom, or dorm, because it doesn't scream tampon box.

organic tampon

If you guys want, check out Cora for yourselves. If you refer your friends, you'll get a month free and so will your friend! That's a pretty awesome deal. I've actually begun skipping periods every three month's due to my potential endometriosis diagnosis, so I don't need as many tampons as a regular person does, so I've got plenty to last me a long while. You can use code ABBIETWENTY3916 for 20% off your order!

Thank you to Cora for sending me some product to try out. Angelic Abbie only receives, tests and then posts about products she truly believes in and actually likes. This post may contain affiliate links. Cora Organic Tampons Thank you for reading!