How to Not Overload Yourself in College


College is a busy, new, exciting time. It can be hard not to feel overwhelmed with everything that's new in college, but I have some tips for keeping everything under control. Here's how to not overload yourself in college.

Learn How and When to Say No

I feel like this one is the most important. Learning how to tell people that you can't do something is super important. Also learning when you have too much to do where you have to say no is very important. You have to be aware of your boundaries and time management.

Don't Sign Up for Too Much at Once

At the beginning of your freshman year, you may feel like you need to sign up for every club and event you can find. Only sign up for the handful of things that really interest you. If you're trying to sign up for everything, you won't be able to give your full attention to the things that really make you happy. You'll be too busy rushing around from event to event and club to club.

Learn How to Plan

Learn what planning style works for you. Whether it's using your google calendar, a written planner or some other tool, it's important that you learn how you yourself can plan. If you have everything you need to do written out or spelled out on a calendar, you'll figure out just how much time you have to dedicate to other activities.

Plan Time to Relax

Just like it's important to plan all your activities and events, it's a good idea to also plan some time to relax. You have to plan out the times when you'll focus on self care and making sure your taking good care of yourself.

Thanks for reading!