How to Ask a Question in Class with Social Anxiety


I was diagnosed with social anxiety a little over a year ago now. I take medication every day for it, and it helps, but it's still a struggle to talk to people on the phone, or ask questions in class. If you suffer from social anxiety, here's some tips on asking questions in class.

Write It Down

When I'm sitting in class and I know I have a question, I write it down. Then I rehearse how I'll say it out loud in my head. This helps me feel calmer and less like I'll 'mess up' when I do say it out loud. That's my biggest fear with social anxiety is that I'll mess up in front of people. So, rehearsing it helps me get through that.

Ask Privately

Sometimes, especially in lecture format classes where there are hundreds of kids, I like to ask the professor privately. Setting up a meeting or going to his or her office hours can sometimes be less intimidating than asking in front of the whole class.

Ask a Friend

If you know someone in the class, asking them after class to see if they know the answer may be a lot easier than asking the teacher. I know that I try to avoid asking the teacher anything, because it makes me feel like I'm going to throw up. But, other times I don't have a single soul in the class that I could ask.


If all else fails, email will be your best friend. If you're confused on a topic and feel like it could be answered easily by email, go ahead and email. If it's something more difficult that would take the professor a long time to answer by email, try your hardest to ask in person. I know it's hard, but making these bonds with professors can help you out in the long run.

Thanks for reading!