Why You Should Take Notes in Color


Taking notes in color is one of my favorite things to do in my college career! It's fun, and it makes you a more efficient learner. Here's why you should take notes in color, as well as my favorite pens and highlighters to do it with!

Color = Better Learning

Our brains are super in tune to colors. It's so much easier to remember that it was Rob Jones that said this quote, when all people's names are written in one color, quotes one color, dates one color etc. Your brain is way more likely to remember things when you're able to associate it with something other than the material itself, like color!

Don't Overdo It

If you use too much color, your brain won't be able to remember what goes with what. Use a minimal amounts of color, and make sure you're using a consistent color scheme. Decide at the beginning of the school year, or even the beginning of each semester, what color equals what. It will make it easier to remember once you're used to the color scheme.

Assign Colors to Each Thing You're Writing

It depends on your classes. If you're in math, you may use red for formulas and green for definitions, and then black for the rest of the supplementary material. For history, green might be for dates, red for people, pink for quotes and black for the rest. It's important that this stays consistent for the rest of your college career, or at least the rest of the class.

My Favorite Products

Staedliner Pens are some of my favorite. I have a huge collection of these pens, and they work great. Plus, they're really thin, making note taking easy and efficient. Another option for note taking is using highlighters instead of writing your notes in color. I love sharpie highlighters, and you can simply go through your notes and highlight people in pink, quotes in green etc. My favorite pens of all time remain to be the Pilot G2 pens. They are smooth and provide beautiful ink.

Thanks for reading!