How to Get Through the First Year Requirements


While your first year of college is exciting, with new friends, parties, and little parental control, it can be hard to see the point of taking a basic English class when you're a math major. In addition, many schools make you take classes like "University Foundations" which teach you how to "think". I hated those. Here's how to get through the first year requirements.

Realize This is the Easiest It Will Be

If you're majoring in something you absolutely love, this may not be 100% true, but just know that freshman year is the easiest it will be. Try to appreciate the fact that it's Sunday evening and you've already finished your homework that's due at 11:59pm at 4pm. That won't happen very often once you get into those higher level classes. There's less homework and less thinking required in these earlier classes, so appreciate it while it lasts.

Try to Apply it to Your Life

I know that a BS class teaching you how to think is not fun. I've been there. Twice. I would much rather take a math class than take a class on how to think. It just didn't help me. But, as best you can try to apply what you're learning in these easier classes to your life, or even your other classes. If you can take something away from the class, it can make things a lot easier and it will feel more valuable to you.

Make Friends

Since classes are a little more relaxed and easier freshman year, you can take this opportunity to meet the people sitting around you, form study groups with them and discover new things that they might be into. Freshman year is so important for meeting people, so if you can gain friendships out of those long boring classes, at least it wasn't a total loss.

Work Hard for that GPA

Look at these easier classes as a means for starting your GPA with a good foundation. English 101 may seem like it would be fine to not do any work and get away with a passing C grade, but if you put in a little effort, you could get an A, and when you're taking Physics 310 in two years and you're barely getting a C-, you'll thank yourself that you have some cushion in your GPA.

Whatever you can do to get through those first year requirements is necessary. Tell me about your worst freshman year class!

Thanks for reading!