How to Choose the Right Professor for a Class


A professor can make or break your experience with a class, a subject or even a university. I took a concurrent enrollment class my senior year of high school, after I had already decided I was going to Boise State University, and I fell IN LOVE with my teacher. She was hilarious and fun and made me love sociology, and made me feel like I made the right decision with BSU. Here's how to choose the right professor for a class.

Make a List

Sit down with the course catalog/online course library and look at all the times and days that will work for you and your work or other class schedule. Write down the teachers for those classes on a piece of paper or type them out.

Search Them

Use resources like RateMyProfessor or google to search the teachers. Read student reviews, learn about their educational background and figure out if they have experience on the subject.

Talk to Friends or Family

If you have a sibling that went to school at the same school, ask them if they know anything about the professor. In addition, asking girls in your sorority, people in your current classes or your friends can be helpful.

Pick a Teacher that's Right for YOU

Just because Susie didn't like that the teacher gave a ton of reading doesn't mean you don't like reading. Just because Josh didn't like how the lectures were just the teacher talking doesn't mean you don't like lecture format classes. If this isn't your first semester, or even if it is, you may have an idea of what kinds of things you like and don't like in a class and in a teacher. You may like being yelled at because it keeps you motivated; I don't judge. But choosing a professor for a class is important, and listening to what your friends or family liked and didn't like about a professor can be essential in making a decision, but make this decision only for you.

Thanks for reading!