The Best School Supplies (to Make Studying Easier!)


I have a serious obsession with school supplies. I live for the beginning of the school year when you get to go back to school shopping and pick out all your new supplies. Today I'm sharing the best school supplies that will make your life as a student easier! Best School Supplies (to make studying easier)

  1. Five Star Notebooks - These are my all time favorite notebooks. They have heavy duty covers, and the lines are perfect for note taking. I buy one of these for each class every semester.
  2. G2 Pens - I LOVE G2 Pens, if that hasn't become apparent yet. I seriously am obsessed with these pens. The ink is great, they last forever, and they write beautifully. Highly recommend picking up a pack of these in different colors.
  3. Binders - I'm planning on doing an entire post about just how I organize with binders, but I love keeping all my school stuff (as well as home stuff) organized using binders.
  4. A Planner - Again, I'm doing an entire post at the end of this year on picking the write planner for you, but I consider this to be a number one essential. I cannot live without my planners.
  5. Highlighters - I wrote a post earlier this week about taking notes in color, so highlighters is a great way to do that. I also love using highlighters in my planner to check things off.
  6. Post It Notes - NERD TIME. I seriously cannot wait to move into my next place and get my desk re-set up just so I can stick post it notes everywhere. At work, I use post it notes to remind me to do everything. I go through those babies like no other, because I'm constantly writing myself notes. I LOVE post it notes.
  7. A Desk - I used to do homework in bed, on the couch, at the kitchen counter, or basically wherever I could find room. This is not good for productivity. Having a space that when you enter, means you need to be productive is way better for your brain. Studying where you sleep makes you more tired while studying, and less tired while sleeping. A dedicated space is SO important.
  8. Filing Cabinet - This is something I've recently deemed important, mostly because I love keeping files and having everything organized. This isn't necessarily as important while you're in college, but especially after, keeping a file cabinet with important info can be handy.

That's it for my recommendations for school supplies. What do you guys use to make studying easier?

Thanks for reading!