Why You Should Volunteer in College


In college, it's easy to get caught up in the partying, boys, friends and events that come along with college. But, as a growing woman or man, it's important to remember to give back to the community and gain valuable experience that will help you throughout your life. Here's why you should volunteer in college.

Give Back

You're living, eating and breathing in the community you live in. Give back to that community by volunteering in a soup kitchen, helping 'paint the town' or rake leaves during the fall. Helping out the people of the community who can't help themselves is something that all people should do, and it's one of the nicer things you can do.

Gain Experience

If you've never worked, your resume can look a little bare. By volunteering, you show on your resume that you know how to work even if you aren't getting paid, and that looks really good to employers. You also gain an addition to your resume, and that's really important.

Make Connections

Making connections with people in the community can get you really far in your future life. Gaining recommendations from people you work under, and making connections that will get you jobs and interviews is honestly priceless. I volunteered for a local hospital all through high school and I've loved using the volunteer coordinator there as a reference since I stopped when I graduated high school.

Earn Service Hours

Lastly, a great reason to volunteer is because you have to. If you're in a sorority, honor society or club that requires that you volunteer, you obviously have to complete the hours. Luckily, you'll still be gaining the above benefits that I already mentioned, but you have to do it rather than you want to do it.

Thanks for reading!