Internship FAQs


Getting a summer (or fall or spring) internship can be essential to your schooling and even your career. Many people choose to take semesters off of college in order to gain valuable experience as an intern somewhere. There are endless possibilities for where, what and when you can do an internship, but I'm here to answer some internship FAQs.

Where Can I Find an Internship?

The best places to look for internships are with companies you are interested in working for in the long term. If you have no idea, you can browse websites like Indeed, Monster, Looksharp etc. There are tons of websites that will give you plenty of job postings for internships. There are also dedicated internship programs, like the Disney College Program (which I leave for in a month), and places that place you in internships after you pay them a fee like you would for college.

When Should I Do an Internship?

I suggest doing an internship later in your college career. If you do an internship with a company your freshman year, they are much less likely to offer you a full time job at the end of the internship if you still have three years left of college. Doing an internship your last semester, or the summer after is a great way to gain experience, and possibly get your foot in the door for a company you want to work for.

How Can I Be a Good Intern?

Be on time, or even early, every single day. Take notes when your superiors are talking. Ask questions. Be a good employee. Dress appropriately. There are tons of ways to be a great intern, but if you are following these basic rules, you should do really well.

How Can I Turn my Internship into a Full Time Job?

The best way is to just be a good employee, be the type of employee that any employer would be lucky to find. It really helps too if you can develop personal relationships with your superiors, and if you know a lot about the field you're working in. If you can add value and intel to the company meetings or whatever you're assigned, then you're the type of employee they want full time.

What Happens if I Hate My Internship?

The best news for you is that usually internships are only a set amount of time. If you're just doing a spring internship, tough it out for the few more months that you have to work there, and finish it out. You'll gain a great addition to your resume, and you'll learn tons of skills for how you can work through a job you hate. But, you'll also learn what you don't like in a job and you'll know to avoid some warning signs in the future.

Thanks for reading!