Should You Record Lectures?


In college, it's common for freshman to be a little confused about exactly how they should take notes. Usually by second semester of your freshman year or even sophomore year, you'll figure out what works best for you. One way to take notes is by recording the actual lectures using a phone, computer or recording pen. So, should you record lectures?

People Who Should Record Lectures

  1. People who like to re-listen to or re-watch things like podcasts and videos in order to learn more.
  2. People who cannot take notes and listen to something at the same time.
  3. People who want to skip classes (you'll have to have someone record it for you).

If you fit into any of these three categories, you may want to record lectures.

People Who Should Not Record Lectures

  1. People who don't have time to re-listen to an hour and a half long lecture twice a week for all classes.
  2. People who can take solid notes that they can review later to increase learning.

I feel like most people fall into the category of not recording lectures, just because  most people usually can develop the skill of note taking pretty soon into college. If you're hesitant though, recording lectures can be helpful especially at the beginning.

How to Record Lectures

I think the easiest way is to grab your cell phone (most smartphones come with a record button) and just record the sound. Another way is to bring a camera, record the entirety of the lecture, sound and picture. Another way is to download an app onto your computer that allows you to record programs. And lastly, there are pens you can purchase that will allow you to write things and record at the same time, and then go back and see when you wrote the notes.

Thanks for reading!