How to Make Your Schedule Work For You


In college, you are able to create your schedule for the first time ever. All through high school, you probably took classes from 7am-3pm, had an after school activity like a sport or club, came home, ate dinner, did homework and went to bed. Then on the weekends you probably hung out with friends or what not. College is SO much different, and I would strongly advise against setting up your college schedule the same way high school was. Here's how to make your schedule work for you.

Schedule Your Classes at Your Best Time

If you hate morning classes, do not take morning classes (unless you have to obviously). If you work better in the morning, schedule your classes for the morning! It's so much better if you just schedule your classes for when you do better. If you work mornings, schedule your classes for the afternoons. College is so great because you can make sure your schedule works the way you want it to.

Schedule in Study Times

It's important that you schedule in review time for your classes. In addition to studying and doing homework, you should schedule in time to review your notes, copy over notes from class and just generally review. It's what will set you apart from the average grade students and make you a straight A student.

Schedule in Breaks and Fun

In college, you may end up going out with friends on a Tuesday night because you don't have class until 3pm. Scheduling in the times you can take breaks and have fun can be important because in college it's not just about classes and homework; in order to get that full college experience, you want to have fun, go out, make friends and just generally enjoy this time of your life.

Thanks for reading!