College Truths


There are a lot of rumors going around about college life and what it's like to be in college. I think it's important that I clear some of the rumors up about college and reveal to you my college truths.

It's Harder Than High School

As someone who glided through high school making over 4.0's most the time, and was able to show up to school less than 70% of the time and still managed to do well, I was shocked when I was thrown into the world of college classes. I couldn't skip class all the time, I had to pay attention during class, and most importantly I had to actually study outside of my class time. I feel like in high school, I did fine just going over the material while in class, and maybe going over a study guide the night before a test, but in college, you have to put in the work if you want good grades.

There's Partying If You Want It, and There's Other Things if You Don't

There are stereotypes that all college students do is party, and there is definitely partying and things to do every single weekend if you want it. If you're into getting drunk or doing drugs, it won't be that hard to find a place to do it. That being said, if you aren't into that scene, no one's going to force you to do that, and there are tons of other things to do. You'll find friends who won't pressure you into drinking or drugs, and you can do a ton of other fun campus activities.

You Can Get Jobs in Things You Didn't Major In

I worked at the purchasing department on my campus for a while my sophomore and freshman year, and 80% of the people there majored in things other than finance. Some majored in psychology, some majored in marketing, or even chemistry. Even if you major in something (like my degree in psychology) you may end up working in a field you didn't expect, and that's okay as long as it's something you want to do.

You Can Find Scholarships, Just Put in the Time

I would dedicate at least a few weeks at the beginning of the year to apply for scholarships. I would sit down in February-March and browse websites, talk to financial aid offices and just search for scholarships. Decide which ones you're going to apply for, figure out what they require (essays, letters of recommendation etc) and start applying. Dedicate time each night to fill one or two out, and you'll definitely get some money to help you out with that expensive tuition.

There's Lots of Help If You're Struggling in a Class

You may feel alone when everyone around you is doing fine in a class but you're the only one who can barely maintain that C, but if you look around, there are actually plenty of people who are struggling as well, and there are tons of resources for you. Meet with a professor, attend study sessions with the learning assistants or teaching assistants, visit the on campus tutoring center for things like math or science or even english, and create study groups with a mix of people who are struggling and those who understand the material.

Meeting With Your Professor Will Get You Further Than Most Things

I'm terrified of talking to people I don't know, so meeting with professors is something I rarely did in college. But, during my last semester I was struggling so much in a class that I absolutely needed to pass in order to graduate. I met with the professor like three times in the last month, and she passed me no problem. I missed a lot of class and she rounded my participation up a lot more than I would have expected and I legitimately cried when I saw my final grade of B+. Meeting with professors shows that you care and will get you so far in a class.

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