How to Keep in Touch with College Friends Over Summer


Hey guys! Today I'm going to be sharing some of my favorite ways to keep in touch with your college friends while you're home for the summer. It can be hard to maintain those close relationships when you're hundreds of miles apart, but here are some foolproof ways to keep in touch with college friends over summer.

Social Media

My favorite way to keep up with everyone is social media. Most people at least have the four basics, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram. If you keep up with everybody's social media profiles, it'll basically be like you haven't missed anything. Social media is also a really easy to see how everyone's doing with just a simple twenty minute scroll through your news feeds.


Take the initiative and text your friends, asking how they are and how their summers are going. Regardless of if they've been in contact throughout the summer, texting them so they know you care is a great way to start out on a good foot when you actually get back to school. You don't have to text every single day or even every single week, but a text every so often to check up can be really helpful. My friend Katie lives in the Phillipines and doesn't have an international phone, so we have a Facebook group chat so that we can still stay in touch with her.

Go Visit

My absolute favorite way to keep in touch with friends from college is to go visit them in their hometowns. Not only do you get to travel and explore a new place, you'll get to visit with friends, which is the best way to feel close to them again. Even if you can't visit everyone at home, figuring out a place you can all meet in the middle for a little girls weekend or camping trip can be extremely helpful to maintain those close bonds.

Thanks for reading!