How to Deal With Homesickness in College


Being homesick in college is a real thing. This gets amplified if you have really close friends or a boyfriend/girlfriend back home. Everyone misses their parents, but it's a natural thing to leave the nest, but leaving friends and relationships can be extremely difficult. I'm here to help you deal with those feelings of homesickness that will inevitably hit you during your first year (or all four) of college. Here's how to deal with homesickness in college.


DO keep busy. Keeping busy will keep your mind off missing your friends and family back home, and will give you an opportunity to branch out and do things you didn't do back home.

DO take up new hobbies. Find new things to do in your free time so that you 1) don't feel like you always have to be out and 2) have something to do to take your mind off missing family and friends.

DO call often. Wanting to tell your mom about the new friend you made in your psychology class is completely normal, and your mom probably loves talking to you regularly.

DO visit home. When you have a break, make sure you head home and catch up with your parents and family/friends. Having a trip home on your calendar can make homesickness easier to deal with.

DO switch schools if you decide it isn't right. Hating the school you're at can make homesickness ten times worse. Choosing to switch to a school at home or closer to home or even if it's further from home can be a good decision.


DON'T sit at home and Skype your boyfriend every weekend. Going to parties and meeting new people is an essential part of college. If all you do is sit at home and Skype your boyfriend while your roommates are at a fraternity party, you're missing out. Save the Skype dates for mid-day or during the week.

DON'T call all the time. Calling people all the time to see what they're up to is boring for them and you. Your friends are probably in college too; let them make new friends and have fun. Nothing will change when you're all home on break.

DON'T visit home every weekend. Visiting home every weekend will take away all of the great parts about college. Going out on the weekends and having group study dates on Sundays is definitely the best part about college, and it's the moments you'll miss most once you've graduated. Visiting home at every opportunity takes away from these exciting days.

DON'T switch schools your first semester. Give your school a solid year before deciding to go somewhere else. I know you miss your boyfriend, but who knows where that will be in a years time. I know your mom is the best and you miss her, but you'll need to leave the nest eventually. Give it time.

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