Dorm Room Essentials


Today I wanted to share a little post about dorm room essentials for the '16-'17 school year! I'm actually going to be moving into a dorm for the first time ever because I was admitted into the Disney College Program, so I'll be living with probably 6 people in a two-to-a-bedroom apartment. So, I thought I'd share some info about the things I'll be bringing and what you can bring to college as well! Dorm-room-essentials-2

Some Cute Bedsheets/Comforter Set - You're definitely going to want to invest in some nice sheets and a comforter to make your tiny twin bed at least semi-comfortable since you're going to be spending at least a year there.

Bulletin Board - Some dorms will come with a bulletin board, but I recommend bringing one if yours doesn't. I think it's an awesome way to hang up some of your favorite memories while you're away at college.

Mini Fridge - If you're in a typical dorm room that doesn't have a kitchen, you're definitely going to want a mini fridge to store some cold stuff when you don't want to walk across campus to the eating area.

Silverware - Just grabbing a really inexpensive set of silverware can save you from having to steal silverware from the eating area just to eat some cereal in the mornings.

Keurig - In my opinion, this is a cheaper option than stopping at Starbucks four times a week when you have your early morning classes. It saves you the trip, and some money!

Laundry Bag/Hamper - Having an easy to carry, light hamper that you can trek down to the washing machines with will make life SO much easier.

Obviously this is not a very comprehensive list but as I've started to make lists of stuff to bring to Disney, these were the most common ones I was thinking of!

Thanks for reading! Blog-Signature21